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Health and Wellness Tips for Drivers

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When living on the road, tips for good mental health are imperative for the truck driver. The life of a trucker is by no means an easy one. Life on the road can be pretty tough at times. The professional driver can be away from home for extended periods of time. The living conditions can be far less than favorable.

The stress of driving in heavy traffic and inclement weather can really take it’s toll on the mental health of a driver. It’s vital to live as close to a normal routine as possible. Make every attempt to be comfortable and contented, when on the road.

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Tips For Good Mental Health For Truck Drivers

  • Travel with a pet, spouse or significant other, every now and then, if allowed.

  • Contact home daily. It’s a good way to stay connected to the family and ‘in the loop’ with your loved ones.

  • Follow a routine on the road which is similar to your normal at home every day routine.

  • Bring along some comforts of home, like a tv, computer, decent good quality bedding etc.

  • Take along some favorite music to listen to when driving.

  • Take time for daily showers, grooming. Many allow themselves to be pushed by ridiculous schedules. Take the time to freshen up and wear fresh clothing daily.

  • Plan time off away from your rig in advance. This can be done successfully if you budget for it. Life on the road, can be expensive. Take as much from home as you’re able to help save money. This will help ease mental stress when your finances aren’t stressed to the max.

  • Stop at nice, clean truck stops.

  • Get a hotel room occasionally. Getting away from the truck is a good idea to give yourself a well-deserved break.

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